How To Pack Your Bag Like An Expert

One of the greatest challenges of traveling is figuring out how to pack. Here are some tips to keep in mind.



Whether you believe it or not, you will shop on your travels. However, some new clothes, purses, souvenirs, and gifts can add up quickly and take up quite a bit of space, adding weight to your luggage. Over-packing can make you feel limited to what you could buy which would leave you with a few small regrets.


This is a lifesaver! You are left vulnerable to overweight baggage fees without one. It is important to leave yourself a few available pounds in each bag. Some airlines might ask you to weigh even your purse with your laptop so it’s really important to have some allowance. Even though the airline should not have done that, it is still best to be prepared for unexpected problems with luggage ahead of time.

Do buy a carry on back pack:

bagRolling carry ons can pose problems especially when you already have two large checked suitcases. You can imagine the struggle of wheeling three heavy bags at once. Most people brought their rolling carry ons on weekend trips, but this always proved to be an issue on the bumpy cobble stone streets.

Do pack layers:

As far as actual packing goes, it is important to have a variety of clothes for different types of weather. Layering is key. In order to make the most of what you bring, it can be very helpful to choose a general color pallet for your wardrobe. Mine was tan, black, and white. If most of your clothes fit your theme, it is much easier to layer and mix and match to make new outfits. Besides bringing too much, you should be able to pack appropriately for all situations with this method.

Packing can be the most fun, yet the most stressful process leading up to your semester abroad. With some of these tips in mind, you can avoid airport struggles and feel free to give your closet a little makeover.